Several 3-year Ph.D. positions in "Computer Simulation of Energy Conversion Phenomena in Nanostructured Functional Materials" are available in the group of Dr. Claudio Cazorla in the School of Materials Science and Engineering in the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).


The major goal of this overarching project is to develop a comprehensive first-principles simulation approach for tailoring and assessing the potential of functional layered materials (i.e., thin films and superlattices) in energy conversion applications (i.e., photovoltaic, multicaloric, and thermoelectric). This work will involve (i) the use of state-of-art computational methods based on density functional theory which allow to constrain the value of the relevant macroscopic electrical and magnetic variables (e.g., electrical polarization, electric displacement and magnetization) in the simulations, and (ii) the calculation of solid-state free energies.   


Interested applicants send (1) a detailed CV and (2) a copy of transcripts (i.e., academic report) to Dr. Claudio Cazorla:


A Master in Theoretical Physics or Computational Materials Design is a requirement for consideration of your application.